A Strong LEFT Arm: Rendell’s Racist Rendering

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Ed Rendell’s stirring the pot. It’s juicy grist for the mill of a potentially revealing and elucidating skit at Saturday Night Live. But SNL won’t touch it – they are part of the media ‘chauffeur’ brigade, working hard to get Barack “The Messiah” Obama elected. Anyone who don’t vote fer OTO [Obama The One] is a RACIST – no, make that RACIST.

A skit for SNL might be a press conference, or an ‘insider’ strategy session at OTO’s HQ, as one by one the list is marked on a white-board [or, blackboard?] of the things that just-can’t-be-said by McCain or Palin. Make fun of his ears? NO, RACIST, would be some staffer reply. Raise the issue of his medical records still kept unavailable? NO, RACIST, would be another staffer’s insistent branding of McCain for mentioning such standard fare.

And so the list would continue. For this is the new incarnation of President Bill Clinton’s clever judicial strategy in appointing judges – yes, it’s Clintonism, OTO-style. For Clinton’s most viciously leftwing appointees, even before the GOPsters got control of the Senate’s judicial review machinery, often were deliberately chosen from among black suspects. Thus, any opposition of their lefty views was branded instantly as racist. Thereby quite a few of the usual-suspects of lefty intent got thru the GOP-controlled Senate, for everyone was paranoid about the racist charge.

Ditto today, the stakes raised and Mac razed by the new heightened use of racism. It’s the catch-all and end-all means of destroying McCain-Palin at every turn. It’s humorous if a skit on SNL – but a tragedy, then a farce, if OTO is the one elected to select judges, set the DOD budget, direct our aircraft carriers [if any remain in his budget figures], enforce the likely “Fairness Doctrine” resurgence.

Leading this charge of racist charges is Ed Rendell, democrat governor of Pennsylvania, stirring the pot with reminders of race, and adding: “If you’re drowning in the middle of a river, and there is someone on the shore with a rope,” Rendell says, “you don’t care what religion he is, what race he is, what his family situation is. All you care about is, does he have a strong right arm? And Senator Obama has a strong right arm.”

Of course, Rendell is drilling another lie hole, pumping leftwing mud into the discourse, for it isn’t Obama’s right arm that’s strong – he’s as leftwing and left-armed a political operator as we’ve seen on a national ticket since McGovern. I know ‘McGovern’ when I see him: I was a McGovernite when being a McGovernite was cool. OTO makes McGovern seem Hooverish in conservative guise. And like Clinton’s judges, OTO rides the racist bandwagon like a Kenyan prince in some Eddie Murphy movie.

Oops, was that racist? There we conservatives go again, spilling our racists rants into everything we say. Ask if OTO didn’t actually write his two best-sellers – RACIST [he’d never written any significant material before those issues, including not one article for Harvard Law Review, even though he was the editor!]. Maybe question the public-project’s funding he managed? His lack of eminence as law review editor? Note that he was not a professor at Harvard, but a mere ‘lecturer’ – not even an associate professor.

They are ALL RACIST queries. Only a racist would challenge a black OTO. Only racism will defeat OTO – ya know, the Bradley Effect, writ large and given gigantic account for whichever way the electoral count goes. There is another explanation for why some polls for black candidates vary widely from the final result. Economists call it “Revealed Preferences” – summarized simply to me by economist Arnold Kling, then with TechCentralStation and now with PajamasMedia.

Kling simply summarized the essence of Revealed Preferences: Watch what they DO, not what they say they will do.

Until ya got some skin in the game, it’s just a game – we saw behavior modified in the current housing crisis, with no down-payment required for many mortgages, so the walk-away rate went sky-high when things started downward. No down-payment meant no skin, no risk of personal savings fraught with memories of tough earnings of that earnest check to the banker. Thus, folks promised to pay, but when they had to ‘choose’ in an actual crisis, their true preferences were revealed. By the millions. Adding up to 700 billion.

Ditto for polling – asking folks how they will vote, especially weeks and months prior to the actual voting day, leaves many mental imponderables at work. Most want to please the inquiring pollster, so they give some kind of answer, even when they are unsure, or their decision is soft. And of course, events change the original expressed preference, making the Revealed Preference on election day somewhat more dearly held than when it was merely a hypothetical vision, set for some date far, far away.

Much like New Coke – market tests and polling of prospective customers induced Coca-Cola to introduce the new flavor with great marketing fanfare and production-line investments. Once the actual choice had to be made – buy it with actual money, lug it to the car, make room in the fridge, and guzzle it as a regular beverage – the public’s preferences were revealed to Coca-Cola’s great disappointment. In today’s politics, Obama The One [OTO] may be the candidate equivalent of New Coke.

Folks don’t yet know how strong OTO’s left arm really is – they are yet to grasp that his rescue of their ‘drowning’ situation is dependent on making them more dependent on gummint, rendering them forever like highschool juniors – not quite adults, not quite condemned to the gulag, but still abiding by the strong-left-arm of a greedy government grasping hand, determined to make ‘em the wards of leftwing OTO legions.

And of course, merely questioning this left-arm strongman is RACIST – you know the drill, especially if you remember those C-SPAN hearings during Clinton’s appointments of radical judge nominees who had black skin, and support of congressional and media adherents who characterized every tough question as racially tinged. Those Happy Days are a comin’ again, with OTO at the helm, appointing ever more bro’s like Clinton did. Even for nominees of lighter tone, their curious opponents will be accused of trying to trip up a nomination by a black president because of racially-tinged motivations.

And if OTO loses?


If he wins by a smaller margin than some skin-free poll prediction?


No matter what preferences are revealed on election day, and no matter the final tally, the race card will be played by the Rendell Regiments, with glee and nary a challenge by the media. For they, too, might be accused of racially-tinged inquiring minds.

Yes, it’s fodder for a great SNL skit – in your mind only. The cast are exhausted from four straight weeks work, and after this week’s hiatus, the remaining three pre-election shows will have no room for such a racism-frenzy skit. For it would be racially-tinged to even consider criticizing OTO – ask Hillary for an opinion of that phenomenon during the primaries.

The strong-left-arm of OTO’s thugs has already been expressed in many venues – see Michael Barone this week [yep, racially-tinged he be] – and should he prevail on election day, watch your step. Talk radio will be next to get ‘rescued’ by OTO’s strong left arm. Then rightwing blogs, and websites. Even a beloved conservative film festival will get blasted by OTO’s strong, muscled Chicago-conditioned left bicep.

But raising that issue is, well, you know, racially tinged. And nobody at SNL wants to be accused of racial insensitivity. If even those lefties are intimidated, what chance do the rightwingers have?

Which is one major reason some revealed preferences will emerge on election day – you know, racially tinged – to reflect last-minute fears of an OTO rampage, not only of him alone, but all those who would be politically and burrocratically empowered by his Wright-Ayers-Alinsky orientation. The five thousand appointees a new president puts into power all will have very well-muscled left arms. Realizing that and expressing it by voters’ ballots, perhaps REVEALED PREFERENCES may yet SAVE THE DAY.

Racially-tinged preferences, of course. For that hypothetical SNL skit, have the questions put on paper, with OTO using a rubber-stamp, hammering one written query after another with “Racist Question” and OTO’s podium filling with vetoed questions as submitted by the newly-intimidated press. But not this season of TV, no sirree – would be racially-tinged to even suggest OTO deliberately makes use of the race card to counter any dubiousness by his opponent.

Including on Saturday Night Live. ExileStreet

copyright 2008 Steve Finefrock

Finefrock is founder of Hollywood Forum, a speaker-bureau and panel-discussion vehicle to “Bring the Potomac to the Palisades” on issues that overlap politics and culture with the Hollywood film-TV influence on such national concerns. His scripts have addressed politics [including a TV series pilot/bible package about state political combat, called “A State of the Union”], hazardous materials [from twelve years in emergency management, including six years managing FEMA’s Superfund curriculum for hazmat], terrorism, equestrian reincarnation, serial murderer killing journalists in the nation’s capitol, and fantasy about time-wasters. Finefrock is proprietor of PhoneBooth: The Smallest Space in Hollywood…

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    A Strong LEFT Arm: Rendell’s Racist Rendering…

    by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

    Ed Rendell’s stirring the pot. It’s juicy grist for the mill of a potentially revealing and elucidating skit at Saturday Night Live.
    But SNL won’t touch it – they are……

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