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Bush-bashing Ornament Hanging On White House Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

by Kristen Fyfe [critic]

The Washington Post’s gossip girls are trashing President Bush again, this time featuring a liberal artist who was “nauseated” by an invitation to create an ornament for this year’s official White House Christmas tree

In their Reliable Source column, “Christmas Colors for the White House: Red, White and Impeach,” Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts doted on Seattle artist Deborah Lawrence for using the opportunity to “make a lefty political statement.” Lawrence, a collage artist, created an ornament honoring Washington U. S. Representative Jim McDermott (D), for supporting a resolution to impeach President Bush (more…)

Boston Legal Calls McCain/Palin Supporters “Idiots”

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

by Kristen Fyfe [critic]

Storyline includes fantasy of having sex with the Alaska governor.

Many McCain/Palin voters are idiots. So said the writers of the Nov. 17 episode of ABC’s Boston Legal, who went out of their way to trash Sarah Palin and elevate the election of Barack Obama to mythical status.

The Obama-supporting characters “Alan Shore” and “Shirley Schmidt,” played by James Spader and Candace Bergen, dropped the I-word in an exchange about McCain supporters:

SCHMIDT: Martha’s a little bit of an idiot.

SHORE: Shirley, almost 47 percent of this country didn’t vote for Obama, perhaps because they disagreed with him on the issues, which is fine. But some, no doubt, because they thought he was Muslim with terrorists on his speed dial, and others because th-they were convinced he was not only socialist, but even worse, a bad bowler, and others still because they simply loved those cream-colored jackets Sarah may have to give back. (Laughs) But there’s one thing all those idiots have in common.


SHORE: They still get to vote. (Laughs) (more…)

Weekend Box Office: Americans Vote, Maher Loses

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

by Kristen Fyfe [critic]

Anti-God mockumentary beaten out by movies about faith, love, patriotism … and Chihuahuas.

A culture war of sorts played out this weekend at the box office, and liberal comedian Bill Maher’s in-your-face assault on religious faith lost. Despite heavy promotion from a fawning media establishment, Maher’s film Religulous came in a disappointing No. 10 in its opening weekend.

One would expect that a “niche” film like Religulous couldn’t compete head-to-head with a Disney release, and that’s just what happened. Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua cleaned up with a weekend box office gross of $29 million.

But Religulous also lost out – soundly – to another niche film, (more…)