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The Company Is To Be Commended

Monday, June 29th, 2009


by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

A few years ago, billionaire Philip Anschutz decided to fill a void that he saw even amid the proliferation of alternative and conservative media: real journalism. So he bought the Examiner company and created a new model, which includes Wikipedia describes this way: “a news site based in Denver, Colorado that allows local citizen journalists to share their city-based knowledge on a blog-like platform, in over 60 cities in the United States.”

Last week a Detroit resident named Dave Gibson did just that, for an affiliate called Norfolk Crime Examiner. Only his investigation went far beyond the limits of the Detroit area, given that the crime he covered affects all of America, not to mention the rest of the globe. He is to be commended, as is the Examiner company whose agenda-free model allows real critical thinking to flourish. His piece is called “The press allowed Bill Clinton to commit war crimes against the people of Serbia.” If the press — left-leaning and right-leaning — allowed Bill Clinton to get away with it, just imagine what they’ll allow Barack Obama to soon do to the Serbs — always a convenient and risk-free target for a U.S. president to cut his foreign policy teeth on, then claim a success while advancing jihad in the Balkans. To great applause. (more…)

UFO Over Bosnia

Friday, February 27th, 2009

by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

UFO in Bosnia Again, thanks to Liz:

A glowing object stood motionless for more than an hour above Mostar in Bosnia, after which it disappeared.

Extraterrestrials have become frequent guests in Bosnia-Herzegovina, or, at least, some seem to think so.

Recently an unidentified object was photographed above Travnik, but last week it was established that the UFO was in fact Jupiter. But now another piece of information arrived from Bosnia: an unidentified flying object was again photographed, this time above Mostar, Bljesak reported. (more…)

On the Bright Side ?

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

The joyful African-Americans cheering the Obama victory across the country haven’t been this happy since O.J. got acquitted. As we speak, Obama’s Kenyan relatives are slaughtering bulls, goats and a chicken in honor of the victory. (And we thought Jimmy Carter had some embarrassing relatives.) A London Times reporter came bearing the gift of a sacrificial goat named John.

So black people voted for Barack Obama because they think he’s black. Muslims supported Obama becausethey think he’s Muslim. Gays voted for Obama because he’s rumored to be gay. And of course Democrats voted for Obama because he’s a communist. Meanwhile, with a recent TV ad featuring exclusively Obama’s white relatives, the campaign wanted white people to vote for Obama because he’s white


‘W’ Fashion Magazine can Expect Record Sales — from Men

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

The issue of “W” Magazine that hit newsstands this week sports a much-buzzed cover shot of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding one of her twin infants, with possibly more in the inside photo spread. Listening to the radio — and reading online comments — one gathers that many people are ambivalent as to how they feel about the appropriateness of such a thing. The layout — where Jolie’s assets are fully visible — brings up the ever-present question about whether public breastfeeding should be allowed and, more fundamentally: Are breasts firstly maternal, or sexual?

The fact that it’s Angelina Jolie’s breasts on display should answer the question once and for all. The woman is a sex symbol, and the choice of featuring a sex symbol to convey the notion of breastfeeding as a “beautiful, natural thing between mother and child” is disingenuous. There’s no way that anyone — particularly men — will easily look at the images and innocently think, “What a beautiful, natural thing.” (more…)

Colin Powell: Just a Typical Brotha from the ‘Hood

Friday, October 24th, 2008

by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for president, saying it’s not because Obama is black.

In that case, perhaps the endorsement comes because Obama is Arabic — and I dubbed Colin Powell an “honorary Arab” back in 2001. I explained that Powell in February of that year “demanded that Israel lift its ’siege’ on the Palestinians, and later thanked Yasser Arafat for a commitment to do everything possible to end the violence.”

Sure enough: (more…)

I want to have Sarah Palin’s baby

Friday, September 26th, 2008

by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

I don’t mean that in a romantic way. I’m talking about Trig. How cute is he! No doubt even the most avid pro-abortionist was thinking as much when little Trig was on the convention stage with the rest of the Palin family. I wouldn’t be surprised if Palin’s choice started a new fad: Everyone is going to want to get themselves a Down Syndrome baby—a breed that’s almost extinct, with 80 to 90 percent of pregnancies being terminated when the prenatal test shows Down.

As mother of a Down Syndrome child Patricia Bauer wrote in the Washington Post in 2004: “Prenatal testing is making your right to abort a disabled child more like ‘your duty’ to abort a disabled child? At a dinner party not long ago, I was seated next to the director of an Ivy League ethics program. In answer to another guest’s question, he said he believes that prospective parents have a moral obligation to undergo prenatal testing and to terminate their pregnancy to avoid bringing forth a child with a disability, because it was immoral to subject a child to the kind of suffering he or she would have to endure.” (more…)