UFO Over Bosnia

by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

UFO in Bosnia Again, thanks to Liz:

A glowing object stood motionless for more than an hour above Mostar in Bosnia, after which it disappeared.

Extraterrestrials have become frequent guests in Bosnia-Herzegovina, or, at least, some seem to think so.

Recently an unidentified object was photographed above Travnik, but last week it was established that the UFO was in fact Jupiter. But now another piece of information arrived from Bosnia: an unidentified flying object was again photographed, this time above Mostar, Bljesak reported.

A reader of the Bljesak news site sent the photograph of the UFO to the news site. According to the reader’s claims, the glowing object stood motionless above Mostar’s Centar 2 neighbourhood for more than an hour and then disappeared without a trace.

A year ago, Bljesak also published a photograph of a UFO which appeared in the sky above Podvelezje. Then aliens appeared in a blue light.

So the most pertinent question here is: Do the aliens have to convert too? What does the ummah say about that? Does the Sword of the Prophet extend to outer space? Such are the questions that are fast becoming relevant in today’s world. Aliens, beware.

One alien did convert recently. Michael Jackson finally took the plunge and became Muslim a few months ago, just three years after saying that Jews are leeches. At least now he can molest children legally.

But we hear much along the lines that “Muslims are peaceful.” No. Aliens are peaceful, not Muslims. How many times have the aliens visited and haven’t done jack, haven’t killed anyone. Believe me, if I’m caught between a UFO and a UAE, I’m taking the UFO. An anal probe, I can live with. A beheading, not so much. Besides, no alien ever called me a kafir.

As I wrote this time last year, when a UFO was mass-sighted in several locations above the town of Stephenville, Texas (and Larry King devoted at least two shows to it), there is a likely reason for the increasingly frequent visits, coinciding with an increased openness to them by earthlings as we feel the Islamic noose tightening around us:

Let’s be honest. If you were an alien, wouldn’t you be confused by the turn of events on earth? I mean, here they were, waiting in excited anticipation as our society progressed and advanced, moving closer and closer to a point at which communication would finally be permissible (contact made before we’re ready would violate the Primary Directive — “no interference with development of other civilizations”). Then sometime after 2001, the earthlings reversed course, allowing themselves to be moved backward in time by more than a thousand years — after so much progress and forward motion over a millennium.

Just when we were getting so close, the aliens must be thinking, here we go back to the days of amputations and beheadings, stonings and honor killings, child sacrifice, female mutilation, and slavery — all being proliferated to the civilized corners of the earth where, alien rumor had it, Sharia courts are actually being set up in parallel legal systems to those which served as the guardians of civilization for hundreds of years….

So with Bosnia being on the fastest backtrack, it makes sense that the aliens came to check it out. They must be worried, especially since there is already a Malaysian guidebook for Muslims in Outer Space, printed after the first Muslim in space got confused over which way to face during prayers. ( “Help — Mecca keeps moving! Somebody stop that thing!”)

On a related point, how come every time we put a Jew on a shuttle, it explodes? The Challenger had Jewish astronaut Judith Resnick, and the Columbia sent the first Israeli to space, Ilan Ramon. Both blew up. Proving all the more that it’s simply not safe to be Jewish. If you stay on the land, you explode. If you try to escape — to OUTER SPACE — you still explode.

Speaking of which, although everyone says the Palestinians just want their own state, if the Jews one day did decide to pick up and leave, handing over the entire land of Israel to the Palestinians, you’d see the first ever Arab space program before you’d see a constitution.

But back to the aliens. Let’s keep in mind that in movies like “Independence Day” and all its precursors, we never saw anchor people interviewing the other side to give us the Alien perspective, asking “What did we do to deserve this invasion? More to the point, what did Israel do?” Politicians weren’t trying to win the invaders over and hailing them for the great diversity and cultural enrichment they brought. No one was worried about offending the aliens and their alternate value system, which was unanimously viewed as horrifying. No one ever deluded oneself into thinking that we could live with them, that there was room on this planet for their way of life and ours.

As I wrote last year, “Faced with our lack of will to fight back against something the aliens thought they were done hearing about a millennium ago ( “jihad”), they are conceivably mobilizing to help us find our feet, and our guts.” ExileStreet

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