Mac Hits Some Triples: “We can win this thing…”

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

One Hollywood conservative reassured a fellow Jewish Republican after the convention, “We can win this thing…” Since that e-mail, things have gone up and down, with Mac briefly ahead. Then a little stock market/housing-bubble matter turned things down. Last night, Mac did his best yet in the debates, his last-chance saloon to make some points. No homers, certainly no grand-slam, but several triples, and no bunts. Good enough to beat the Dodgers’ deal the same hump-day evening.

Right now, the tides of man are cycling against Mac. And any serious Vegas oddsmaker would make it at least 5-3 for OTO, that again being Obama The One. That very night, Leno’s pre-debate taping noted the fires in the LA area were not regarded as by most Americans: When an LA citizen sees a burning bush, he thinks Obama is about to give a speech!

See, there, Hotel Whiskey and SNL, it’s not so hard after all to satirize OTO. Ya just have to make the effort to find the eggs of juicy offerings which OTO presents every day. [Though you can hear that scratching sound, of Leno’s name being erased from invite lists all over Hotel Whiskey.] There’s still eighteen days to turn it around. Fate is the Hunter here, to borrow a movie title on how little things make a big difference. Even FDR had a little help from is friends, as outlined in the opening of Charles Michelson’s 1944 memoir, “The Ghost Talks”:

“Good luck and good management must be accorded equal responsibility for the rise of Franklin Roosevelt.
“During every phase of his advent to eminence his fairy godmother was on the job. Every time she waved her wand, she had the right people to translate the magic of opportunity into success. Innumerable times the cast of destiny’s dice might have destroyed him, but the pixies of politics invariably outflanked the sinister gremlins of greed.”

Michelson was the tormentor-for-hire, the PR director for the DNC, tasked to destroy the new President Hoover. As a ‘ghost writer’ who was everywhere known for his work, he was a preeminent player in the New Deal as it dealt a blow to our economy. He knew well that Fate had a role in FDR’s rise, and it may yet do OTO a similar favor.

But not yet.

There can still be salvation, so that Mac doesn’t play Koch’s Codicil. Ed Koch was defeated by NYC’s first black mayor, David Dinkins, and shortly after Dinkins’ regency had commenced, things were going so bad that one of Koch’s longtime supporters summoned him back into the saddle. She was a fellow Jewish citizen who’d supported Koch up until that particular campaign, but had gone over to Dinkins, for she wanted to be oh-so-liberal, oh-so-modern, oh-so-tolerant, despite Koch’s excellent service to the city generally, and to his Jewish constituency in particular.

“Oh, Mister Mayor, please, PLEASE run for office again, We need you,” he reported often as he recounted the tale, with this juicy retort: “No, madam, the people have spoken – and the people must be punished.”


But these stakes are much higher – a nation of otherwise careful voters, including Jewish citizens and Reagan democrats, may be tempted and teased by the strip-tease that OTO is performing, luring folks into thinking he’s not-all-that-liberal, not-all-that-risky. Jewish citizens nationwide should abide by Koch’s experience, if not his recent endorsement of OTO. What befell NYC will clobber our nation, our defenses, our economy. And why might OTO win over Mac?

“Because he’s cute” – to cite the father of “The Candidate” star-candidate, John McKay, who professed that there had to be a Better Way. Never explained it, never outlined it, and McKay had held no prior office to show how he might perform. And the movie’s last line, as McKay the winner watched his manager leave the hotel room to join the victory crowd?

“What do we do now?”

Add Koch’s Codicil and McKay’s Maalox Moment, one real-life and the other reel-life, and you get an idea of what may go thru voters’ minds once the final- week countdown arrives. Mac did well enough in the final debate to maybe get to the conscience of those Koch-traitors of his own stripe, who want to be-cool/elect-black-president. To maybe work some doubts into their minds – voting for a black candidate, even if articulate and also the first to get a major-party nomination, is not intended as an act of fashion or political correctness or affirmative action.

It’s the fate of The Most Vital Nation at stake. These electoral zombies, marching in lock-step to the polls, like a bad B-movie horror film, quietly chanting “Must Vote For Black Man” and “Must Make Europe Love Us” are selling out our providence to satisfy their craven cravings to be beloved by liberal shibboleths.

Maybe they will wake up, shake off their zombie trance, and vote for reasons that are not fashionable, politically-correct or designed to assuage some long-running guilt. As the Jewish conservative e-mailed his fellow, we can win this thing. And perhaps events will turn our way again – a little bit of October Surprise did arise this week: Joe The Plumber. Much more useful than the pig-lipstick detour to OTO’s prior uninterrupted good run of good presentation. Ya did notice OTO’s frequent arrogant smirk, when Mac was making winning points? Maybe yet so will the media, as it is mindful of Gore’s incessant sighing in the 2000 debate. That smirk was one of contempt and total disregard of anyone with a different viewpoint. Some reaching-across-the-divide exemplar.

Mac may yet have a fairy godmother, and hopefully will get a good deal better at management. Michelson’s analysis might be repeated if OTO gets into office, appoints five thousand lefties to work lefthand-in-glove with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It takes fate and management, luck and competence. Mac has shown some flashes of brilliance.

And he showed some belated flashes of debating daring. Maybe yet the pixies of politics will smile at Mac, and deprive this The Vital Nation the dubious opportunity of Mac Koch-ing some regret-filled Jewish voter or Reagan democrat voter, begging: Please Help Us!

For then not only NYC’s people would be punished, but the entire nation. And the world. And the last best hope of mankind, re-controlled by the lefty machine. And no doubt would prove Chris Buckley wrong on OTO’s unlikely left-leaning rule in the White House.

We can’t take the chance. We may yet, sadly and depressingly enough, be forced to live with this unpleasantness. But Mac’s got seventeen days to ‘plumb’ the depths of OTO’s shallow waters. So OTO doesn’t have a McKay Maalox Moment, and we join him in that momentous moment, in asking post-election, Now What Do We Do?

WE CAN WIN THIS THING, still yet. And outflank the sinister gremlins of greed who want to join lefthand-in-lefthand with OTO to redistribute everyone’s wealth in the name of standard liberal OTO-doxy, thru the newly-empowered Barack-racy. Thanks to one plumber’s axiomatic query, the pixies of politics may yet change sides.

Destiny’s Dice may yet come up craps for OTO. Winning the jackpot for this Most Vital Nation. ExileStreet

copyright 2008 Steve Finefrock Finefrock is founder of Hollywood Forum, a speaker-bureau and panel-discussion vehicle to “Bring the Potomac to the Palisades” on issues that overlap politics and culture with the Hollywood film-TV influence on such national concerns. His scripts have addressed politics [including a TV series pilot/bible package about state political combat, called “A State of the Union”], hazardous materials [from twelve years in emergency management, including six years managing FEMA’s Superfund curriculum for hazmat], terrorism, equestrian reincarnation, serial murderer killing journalists in the nation’s capitol, and fantasy about time-wasters. Finefrock is proprietor of PhoneBooth: The Smallest Space in Hollywood…

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    Mac Hits Some Triples: “We can win this thing…”…

    by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]
    Hollywood conservative reassured a fellow Jewish Republican after the
    convention, “We can win this thing…” Since that e-mail, things have
    gone up and down, with Mac……

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