Tsar & Star Meet the Bar? Wait For Ides of November

by Steve Finefrock – [scriptwriter]

Time to shut up and support the fight to save America – a memo to David Brooks, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, David Frum and Ross Douthat and the lengthening list of conservatives, and faux conservatives [Brooks, Gergen, et al], who are arming the left with ‘analysis’ that challenges Palin, and Mac’s decision to make her his VP.

When cometh the Ides of November, the ‘analysis’ and doubting concerns can sprout like daisies, or daffodils, or Venus flytraps. Until then, our Tsar has chosen a Star as his political mate. That’s the end of it, for now, until election day.


That coming from an ardent critic of Mac for some years. My concerns were expressed, quite undiplomatically, to a major GOP campaign meister, over eighteen months ago, on his query of my opinion on his considering working for Mac. He went instead with Rudy, then on to bigger GOP duties, and continues as a major meister of conservative work, doing so since college, long before my switchover to the right.

My words then were caustic, and expressed beyond that personal e-mail. And I violated Modern Conservative website’s mid-spring insistence we all get in line the minute Mac was our presumptive nominee – we need a little more steam-letting, was my insistence. Now, the steam is safely returned back in the boiler, and our venting must be AGAINST OBAMA.

All our steam. All the time. All we got, and then more steam.

That includes Brooks and Will and the rest of the ‘post-partisan’ retreaters and pacifiers, who wish more to be liked by the cool kids – that is, the liberal establishment which is so prevalent in social circles of the political world – than to be team players for Mac.

On the fifteenth of November, after a suitable period of celebration of victory, the analyses can begin. I will add my own, for many thoughts have invaded my head since realizing Mac was to be our standard bearer. There are many problematical projections which are easily foreseen in a Mac as our Oval leader.

But not now.

The concern arises from a private e-mail from a very high-up GOPster, with long service in the cause, who defended Michelle Obama’s credentials to me, and also attacked Dubya’s own deficiencies, along with Mac and even Cindy McCain. It’s not to be revealed here, or anywhere, even after the Ides of November. But it is a tattletale – the strip of cloth at a sail mast’s head to indicate wind direction – of more of “Us” striving to be liked by “Them” as this battle wears many of our veterans into modern-day Chamberlains. The only thing missing is an umbrella lapel pin to indicate their membership in this growing club.

NO MORE UMBRELLAS – save for the political cover of making sure the most idiotic numbskull to aspire for office since McGovern, and since Carter, and since Mondale, and since Gore, and since Kerry, is not the chief of the Oval Office. Mac is better, even Palin is better, as our leader(s) than the whole cabal around Obama. Added together and squared, even cubed, ‘They’ can’t make this nation, under their ‘leadership’ into what it must be in order to fulfill our Important Mission.

Mac will be the Tsar of power, with a Star in stilettos at his side – either one alone is more qualified to lead, merely on the merits alone, and is totally superior in ideology and outlook, than Begala’s beloved boy wonder. Note that Begala – Clintonite to the core, along with Carville, et al – aren’t analyzing the errors of their Kid Barack popstar poptart excuse for executive leadership. Save for Pat Caddell, the left is uniting behind Barack. Caddell is the lone nominee this political season for casting into the Siberia of the democrat party, in company with Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman.

Why will not Will, Krauthammer, Brooks, etc., unite, unconditionally and uniformly, behind Mac? The attrition of our soldiers has been in freefall for sometime: Breitbart loves Hollywood now, Luntz adores Arianna, Cal is co-authoring a book with one of “Them” as Dan Schnur goes ‘post-partisan’ in his NYTimes op-ed pieces. Where have all the conservatives gone? Over to the DMZ, it appears.

Get out of the DMZ, quit defending Obama & Co., and deconstructing Mac and Palin. Her experience is greater than most democrats in my lifetime, who’ve aspired to the Oval – LBJ? JFK? Humphrey? McGovern? Carter? Mondale? Yada-yada-yada, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, with dems making ad hoc decisionmakers in many cases. Remember JFK’s best-&-brightest? Got us the Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall and missiles in Cuba.

That most distressing e-mail this weekend is private, but a tattletale, a bellwether, a windsock of too many of Us trying to be nice to Them. They won’t be nice to America if OTO [Obama, The One] gets into power. Palin as merely a mayor would be preferable to B&B [Barack and Biden], never mind her gubernatorial experience.

Again, Mac wasn’t my first, or second, or tenth choice. And for VP, I was rooting [and voting on PajamasMedia] for another governor, now in his second term, of Mississippi: Haley Barbour. And even as Prez, preferable over even my earlier, hopeful choice of Fred Thompson.

But we ain’t got Fred, or Haley, or Reagan. If Mike Reagan’s writing is to be held dear, we do got a bit o’ RR in Palin. She’s green, but less green that B&B. That’s the real way that Barack is like the dollar bill: so green he makes the unripe bananas in my kitchen seem ripe as September strawberries. And as to Mac: his ACU ratings have always been in the 80s – thus a conservative a great deal of the time, even as he tweaked his fellows on the right, in his own ill-considered desire to be liked by the cool kids. Now the cool kids are sticking sharp objects into all sorts of orifices, since he’s become the GOP nominee.

Until we win this, we swim with Mac and Sarah – after the win begins the tide of concerns, in print and on air. Only two months of solid-front, unyielding, undoubting support for Mac, for our doubts of the redoubt of leftists getting the Oval again must prevail. Above all else.

Again, the date for dissent: THE IDES OF NOVEMBER.

Until then, support our Tsar and our Star. Their star combined with tsar-power would be the true tragedy. ExileStreet

copyright 2008 Steve Finefrock

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