World Burns As “Doc O” Fiddles


by Ralph Peters [author, novelist]

This week, as President Obama’s surro gates denounced worried citizens as a “mob,” leftist leaders abroad cracked heads.

More than a few Obamacrats may long for the same freedom of action as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez or Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

To say nothing of North Korea’s “dear leader,” Kim Jong-Il, who made a former US president dance real close. Or Iran’s “President” Ahmedinejad, who White House press secretary Robert Gibbs described as “elected.” (Had a Bushie committed such a gaffe, it would’ve made headlines.)

Democracy advocates are driven into bunkers — and we get cash-for-clunkers. The only genuine concern shown by the Obama administration abroad has been for ousted Chavista ex-President Manuel Zelaya, who tried to turn Honduras into Little Venezuela.

What really happened this week, while domestic leftists (known for their own disruptive, abusive public protests) were attacking hard-working Americans who don’t want their health care looted?

North Korea won big. Former President Bill Clinton crawled (well, flew in a Hollywood bigwig’s jet) to Pyongyang to stroke the world’s nuttiest dictator to free two journalists on ex-VP Al Gore’s payroll.

Glad the gals are back in the Land of the Big PX. But the message we sent was that you can grab gringos and instantly become a Friend of Bill. Wonder what Iran will want for hostages? Will the Taliban demand face-time with Tina Fey in exchange for the soldier it holds?

(In case you missed it, Obama’s senior counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, just told The Washington Post, “This is not a ‘War on Terror’ ” and we need to exercise “soft power.” Terrific! Would somebody please tell the terrorists?)

Tehran grabbed three knuckleheaded US hikers. They shouldn’t have been flirting with Iran’s border. (I’ve been there — with Kurdish border guards — and it’s Indian country.) Now Iran won’t even confirm that it holds them.

Ahmedinejad was sworn in for another term as president. And the torture, murder and show trials of freedom protesters continue. Befuddled by the collapse of its let’s-talk solution to Iranian nukes, the White House had little to say.

Chavez clamped down harder. Obama’s counterpart in Caracas seized dozens of independent radio stations, moved to shutter the last opposition TV station and ruled that criticizing Chavez merits a prison sentence.

Did the government of history’s greatest force for freedom say one word? Nope. Too busy attacking American “mobs.” (Protests against Bush were patriotic, but protests against Obama are psychotic.)

Russian nuclear subs appeared off our eastern seaboard. Hey, it’s been a long time, tovarishi.

Those pathetic old tubs aren’t a serious threat — I hope our Navy’s standing by to rescue the crews if the hulls rust through. But Moscow was making two points:

First, it was showing off for the home audience: “We’re back! We have two working submarines! Hurrah!” Second, this was a warning to Obama not to protest the renewed Russian mischief in South Ossetia and fresh threats against Georgia.

Our troops faced another deadly week in Afghanistan. Still without a strategy. Shockingly, no left-wing groups protested Obama’s war or called for the troops to come home. Instead, one lefty outfit called for another troop increase.

Great! Will activists volunteer now? (Naw, the military’s only for stupid people . . . )

The hypocrisy stinks like a ton of Limburger in a public toilet.

But what would folks like you and me know? We’re just a mob. ExileStreet

NY Post / copyright 2009 NY Post

Ralph Peters is Fox News’ strategic analyst. His latest book is “Looking For Trouble: Adventures in a Broken World.”

Peters is a retired Army officer and the author of 19 books, as well as of hundreds of essays and articles, written both under his own name and as Owen Parry. He is a frequent columnist for the New York Post and other publications.

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