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by Julia Gorin [pundit, comedian]

A few years ago, billionaire Philip Anschutz decided to fill a void that he saw even amid the proliferation of alternative and conservative media: real journalism. So he bought the Examiner company and created a new model, which includes Wikipedia describes this way: “a news site based in Denver, Colorado that allows local citizen journalists to share their city-based knowledge on a blog-like platform, in over 60 cities in the United States.”

Last week a Detroit resident named Dave Gibson did just that, for an affiliate called Norfolk Crime Examiner. Only his investigation went far beyond the limits of the Detroit area, given that the crime he covered affects all of America, not to mention the rest of the globe. He is to be commended, as is the Examiner company whose agenda-free model allows real critical thinking to flourish. His piece is called “The press allowed Bill Clinton to commit war crimes against the people of Serbia.” If the press — left-leaning and right-leaning — allowed Bill Clinton to get away with it, just imagine what they’ll allow Barack Obama to soon do to the Serbs — always a convenient and risk-free target for a U.S. president to cut his foreign policy teeth on, then claim a success while advancing jihad in the Balkans. To great applause.

The Press Allowed Bill Clinton to Commit War Crimes Against the People of Serbia (June 23)

The March 11, 2006 death of former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic while in U.N. custody at The Hague was the tragic end to an unjust war and prosecution. The U.N. war crimes tribunal had tried unsuccessfully for four years to convict Milosevic.

Since 2004, the health of the former Yugoslavian President had been in decline. For several months before his death, Milosevic claimed that he was being poisoned and requested a trip to Russia for medical treatment. Of course, all requests were denied by the U.N.

A January blood test given to Milosevic showed traces of the rarely used antibiotic rifampicin. The drug is used to treat leprosy and is known to severely counteract the effects of other medications. Milosevic took daily pills for both heart disease and hypertension. The results of the test were not revealed to Milosevic until a few days before his death.

The day before the Serbian President was found dead in his cell, he wrote a letter to the Russian foreign ministry in which he expressed concerns that he was being poisoned. Milosevic family attorneys have released the letter. Milosevic wrote: “I think that the persistence with which medical treatment in Russia was denied in the first place is motivated by the fear that through careful examination it would be discovered that there were active, willful steps taken to destroy my health throughout the proceedings of the trial, which could not be hidden from the Russian specialists. Those who foist on me a drug against leprosy surely can’t treat my illness; likewise, those against whom I defended my country in times of war and who have an interest to silence me.”

Famed Russian heart surgeon Dr. Leo Bokeria has expressed concerns over the treatment Milosevic received while in custody at The Hague, and maintains that his fatal heart could have been easily prevented.

Shortly before Milosevic was found dead, The Associated Press reported that an unidentified tribunal official said he was told by the prison warden (Timothy McFadden) that he could no longer guarantee the health of the former Yugoslavian leader. McFadden now refuses any comment on the matter.

Milosevic was actually the sixth Serbian being held at The Hague to die while being tried for war crimes.

While it may eventually be proven that the Dutch doctors attending to Milosevic are guilty of murder, the Clinton administration and the corrupt U.N. are the ones who should have been tried for war crimes. In 1999, the Clinton administration orchestrated a war against the sovereign nation of Serbia. Clinton justified his actions, by making claims of “genocide” and “mass graves” against the Serbian government. Those claims have since been proven to be unfounded.

The Clinton administration claimed that the Serbs were engaged in ethnic cleansing and announced that Milosevic had murdered more than 100,000 innocent people. In reality, less than 3,000 bodies have been recovered since 1999. Around 500 of those are believed to be KLA fighters, and many of the rest were more than likely killed in the daily U.S. led bombing raids.

In fact, in February 2007, the International Court of Justice formally cleared Serbia of any charges of genocide. Of course, the decision came a year too late for Milosevic.

President Clinton actually placed our military side-by-side with terrorists. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was [supplemented by] mercenaries and foreign nationals mostly from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

In Feb. of 1999, Sen. Bob Smith (R-NH) said: “We are in essence becoming the Air Force for the KLA.”

Serbia did not pose any threat to the U.S. and the actions taken by Milosevic were an internal security matter. The Serbian military was fighting against [the] Muslim KLA. However, the liberal media never once questioned Clinton’s motives nor do they to this day.

Bill Clinton convinced NATO to join in the fight against the people of Serbia. In doing so, NATO actually violated the terms of their own charter. Not one NATO member nation had been attacked by Serbia, yet most of them sent troops to march on that country. The United States was attacked on 9/11, yet NATO is now nowhere to be found.

The air-war which was directed by Gen. Wesley Clark, targeted civilians. Under Clark’s orders, U.S. warplanes bombed schools, hospitals, churches, office buildings, and private homes. They even bombed a nature park! In Belgrade, all three bridges which spanned the Danube were destroyed. They knocked out power and water to the Serbs. The bombing went on for 79 days.

While the U.S. was criticized for continuing operations in Iraq during the Muslim holy period of Ramadan, [not] a word of dissent was heard, when Clinton bombed the Serbs on Easter Sunday!

A fair comparison could be made between Gen. Wesley Clark and Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering. Both conducted bombing campaigns against nations which posed no threat, and both specifically targeted civilians. Both are in fact, war criminals. However, while Goering was sentenced to death by an international tribunal for his crimes[,] Wesley Clark became a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. It appears that for Goering — his timing was simply off!

Just as the press never questioned Clinton’s attacks on Serbian civilians, they sat back and accepted as gospel, every word uttered by NATO spokesman Jamie Shea.

Among Shea’s many tall tales, during a May 1999 press conference, he announced that 100,000 babies had been born in the refugee camps (supposedly filled with people running away from Milosevic and not Clinton’s bombing). Which was an outright lie. All five of the camps held less than 80,000 people combined, and less than 30,000 were adult women. However, the Clinton-adoring press never questioned this ridiculous statement.

So what was accomplished by Clinton’s war crimes against the people of Serbia?

Since 1999, the Muslim terrorists of the KLA have demolished 100 Serbian churches in Kosovo and displaced 250,000 Serbs. These atrocities could not have been accomplished without the help of Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Gen. Wesley Clark. Because of their actions, Kosovo is now a haven for Muslim terrorists and the main distribution point for the world’s opium trade.

The U.S. led wa[r] against the people of Serbia was a crime for which Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Gen. Wesley Clark should stand trial. However, do not expect the corrupt U.N. nor the left-wing press to ever hold them accountable.

We now have a press more concerned with the sex lives of reality TV stars John and Kate Gosselin, than with the motivations behind an unprovoked wa[r] of aggression which left a sovereign nation in ruins, a head of state dead under mysterious circumstances, and that nation’s capital controlled by Muslim terrorists and international drug dealers. ExileStreet

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